2 Things Some People Do That Are Completely Stupid

put your energy towards what serves you


Stupid thing 1 

Go and sit in the corner of the room for an hour and fill your head with doubt, bullshit, bollocks and crappy thoughts about yourself 



Don’t want to? 


The thing is some people are doing this without realising it 


Stupid thing 2

Pick some random date in the future when you can start the inner game of being who you need to be so you can get where you want to go


No don’t do that

It’s stupid 


What random date are you talking about? It will never come and you know it. Now is the perfect time. Now is always the perfect time. It’s the only time. Even if it feels scary. ESPECIALLY if it feels scary 


I’ve been guilty of doing these stupid things too which is why I want you to wake up to the fact that if you’re doing it, it needs to stop. Please 


It’s a waste of your time

Your energy 

Your life 


Put your energy towards what serves you. Not what doesn’t 



You are worthy you know. If you don’t know, it’s about time you did. Affirm ‘I am worthy’ every damn day until it starts to sink in so you  can quit the 9-5 you hate and create a purpose led business you love 


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