Forget the surface level bullshit you've been told about self love. We're going deep. This is ACTIVATED

If you’re ready to back yourself FULLY 100% no turning back listen up because this is for you 


✨ You’re gonna tap straight into and connect to your heart and soul your desires your vision why you’re here why you’re not taking steps to get there and you’re going to start taking steps to get there   


✨ We’re going to be in a Facebook group but this is NOT going to be a one way conversation with me talking at you we’re going DEEPER than that we’re going to get together on Zoom you’re going to get the opportunity to speak and get coaching from me this is worth a fuck load more than I’m charging for it so put your money where your mouth is stop talking and dreaming and hoping and start being and doing   


✨ You’re going to stop hiding  


✨You’re going to start the work of feeling safe to be you all the way down to your heart and soul


✨ To be seen by the world   


✨ To be the woman you want to be are here to be and were born to be  


✨ The woman who honours who she is  


✨ The woman who is PROUD of who she is who knows what she wants what she stands for and stop playing small and love herself so fucking much she goes out and gets it and stands up and says it   


✨ If you’re ready to FEEL and KNOW your worth on a DEEP as fuck level because abundance starts on the inside with YOU KNOWING YOU ARE ALREADY ABUNDANT


It's for big hearted healers and lightworkers like you who are ripe and ready to open your heart to you and to life and speak loud and clear what for what you believe in and stand for

It's for you because you're oh so done with not fully being you

It's for you because you're ready to share your gifts with all the women who need you because this world don't work when you don't

You're ready to love yourself in a way you've never loved yourself or been loved before

You're ready to give yourself what you need in a way you've never given yourself what you needed before

You're ready to let yourself FEEL in a way you've never let yourself feel before

Which leads me to this

You're ready to align your mind with your heart and soul

Because the truth is

There is no separation

There are only blocks to the awareness of the love that you're

You are the love you are the love you are the love

And your light, that you think you have to connect to, that you think you need to add a shit ton of things before you can feel it, see it or be it, is shining right now

I am offering you the chance to do this ACTIVATED program in a 4 week 1 to 1 coaching format

This work is powerful

This work is genius

This work is required if you're ready to drop the shame that's stopping you from being you in all your love, power and glory

What you need to know...

ACTIVATED is via application only. Apply below, I'll be in touch and we'll have a soul to soul conversation ✨


ACTIVATED will run for 4 weeks in a 1 to 1 format. We will have one week of prework then 3 weeks of playsheets and a coaching call for each week to discuss your insights, breakthroughs and transformations for that week's playsheet. That's 4 playsheets and 4 coaching calls together


Your investment is £444 if you pay in full


If you would like to pay in instalments you can pay £333 before you start. After two weeks (the end of week 2) you will pay the second instalment of £222



A word about YOU...

I’m on a mission to serve millions of women and it starts with YOU

There are women out here who deep down know who they are

Know they are powerful healers

Know they are here to bring the light

Know they are also here to serve millions of women in their powerful purpose and impact from their soul

But they’re settling and they’ve had enough

They are ready for embodiment

They’re ready to be the love

To give the love

To receive the love

The love that they are

Because God knows they’ve tried to find it everywhere but themselves

And they know that don’t work

They know the search is over

They time it’s time to go within

It’s time for full on commitment to service from their heart and soul


'ACTIVATED has helped me to reconnect with myself on a level I had thought was previously inaccessible , I have the tools now to go forwards loving myself'

'ACTIVATED is heart centred and soul filled.... its an open , non judgemental, supportive, safe, compassionate and enlightening space to explore and empower yourself'

'Just thank you... so very much.. this is the best thing I've ever done for myself... and I'm so grateful and blessed that you felt to do this 1-1 with me ... I've gained so much. Xx'

'I've learned its SO ok to continually ask for help .. ive learned that prayer works , that giving myself time and space to be quiet helps me regain awareness, clarity and energy.'

'Rituals and habits which help me to remain self aware , grounded- in my body and in the moment are so necessary. The more I am aware the more awake I am to the loud and the subtle monkey mind chatter.. and I can use my loving boundaries around what I accept / believe and what I don't.'

'The questions on day 2 were great.. I felt like this was the nitty gritty work that needed to be done... the questions that helped me find some truth in my experiences.. my inner girl is so used to pleasing and trying to do the right thing.. but with these questions only raw naked truth could come out... there was no pleasing anyone just being honest with myself on how things I've experienced have made me feel'

'my automatic thoughts aren't fear doubt and worry any more, I automatically go into a higher vibration'

'I felt empowered.. I felt clarity.. I felt positive and hopeful and curious'

It was great to confirm why I'm here and what I'm here to do. And I loved that I tapped into my soul and she said " I am a powerful ally to mother Earth, I am a transformer, a Channel an alchemist and healer. "

'Little me feels excited, courageous, wise, and determined.. she feels special and creative and authentic. I am winning, I am on the right path, in divine timing.'

'My biggest learning from the prework has been that feeling safe, honoured and cherished are my most important things to achieve'

'I liked that it was so easy flow . It was revealing and helped me clarify and yet it didn't take hours to complete.'

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