This is the basis of creation


This is for you

You know what your purpose is but you’re not fully living it

You know you’re powerful but you’re not owning it

You’re done with doing ‘the work’ and being told you have to work through your shit to be do and have what you want 

You’re tired of looking for the 52342 steps to prove you’re worthy

You’re tired of being told to love yourself 

This is the basis of creation 


5 days 

So what are we going to be doing? Nothing. Fuck all. Ok not quite 

You’re going to BE 

So what the fuck are you going to get out of it? 

Everything. Access to your higher self. Access to your soul guidance that is for your highest good and your highest truth. The pathway to your destiny. Miracles. Synchronicities. A new state of being. More inner peace. More calm 

No more fixing

No more clearing

No more resolving conflict 

No more problem solving 


We start in a group on Facebook on Monday 4th October

Message me using one of the options below and I'll send you the payment link so you can join us


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