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There’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself

By Terri | 05 Aug 2020 | 0
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I’m tired of women like you letting fear kick your arse

By Terri | 04 Aug 2020 | 0

I’m tired of women like you letting fear kick your arse    If you would drop that story of how your life gets to be, you would have certainty, trust in who you are what you’re here to do    That story of who you think you are and OWN the true story of who…

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You let the false story go that you can’t live your life the way you want to live it

By Terri | 03 Aug 2020 | 0

You let the false story go that you can’t live your life the way you want to live it    Daily    Moment by moment    That you don’t get to be the leader you’re here to be for your people who are waiting for you to step up and hear what you have to…

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You’re fucked off with being fucked off

By Terri | 31 Jul 2020 | 0

You’re fucked off with being fucked off   Which is why I KNOW you’re going to commit to this like you’ve never committed before   This is you committing to YOU   Your life   Your outcomes   Or you can carry on not giving a shit and be on your merry way   Or…

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You don’t need to get into a debate with fear

By Terri | 30 Jul 2020 | 0

There’s an underlying sadness   Anxiety   Because you know you’re meant for more   And the fact that you’re ignoring it is causing the underlying sadness and anxiety   Do me a favour for just 1 day   Pay attention to your thoughts   To the bs you tell yourself about you    Things…

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Fill your own hole or carry on wasting your life

By Terri | 29 Jul 2020 | 0

Fill your own hole    Or carry on expecting something out there to fill it for you and carry on being disappointed    Next level you is NOW   You don’t have to work towards it    Believe me I tried that shit and there will always be some reason telling you why you can’t…

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Can you see the ridiculousness of it all??

By Terri | 27 Jul 2020 | 0

I won’t make it because I don’t believe I’m worthy. I don’t have what it takes. That life wasn’t meant for me it’s too good to be true    I will never get there because I don’t believe it so what’s the point in trying? I might as well not bother. It’s too hard for…

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You’ll be in shock, amazed, in awe at the magnificence of you!

By Terri | 25 Jul 2020 | 0

It’ll make you cum in your pants!    I’m deadly serious    The high vibe kick assery you who owns the fuck out of who you are in every moment with your high level being that’s magnetic to everything you feel within you is REAL    And you get to be it, do it and…

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Stop being who you are

By Terri | 25 Jul 2020 | 0
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It don’t matter because it’s what I want to say what I HAVE to say and I’m going to say it!

By Terri | 24 Jul 2020 | 0

That’s how you go ALL IN on purpose   What you have to say if you do it the only way there is?   It doesn’t even come from you   You don’t think about it urgh that’s the worst way   It comes from deep within   Another realm   It just flows out…

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