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how do you tell yourself the abuse wasn't your fault

How Do You Tell Yourself The Abuse Wasn’t Your Fault?

By Terri | 16 May 2018 | 0

As kids, we can’t process our thinking when adults do or say bad things to us, so we usually end up blaming ourselves. If I’d been good it wouldn’t of happened, if I’d been more lovable it wouldn’t of happened, if I hadn’t said/done/this/that it wouldn’t of happened. When adults do or say bad things…

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how to deal with learned negative thinking and behaviour

How To Deal With Learned Negative Thinking & Behaviour

By Terri | 09 May 2018 | 0

If you’ve been brought up by the world’s worst negative people, watch this. Negative thinking & behaviours that are learned can be unlearned. If you’re on Facebook, click the image below to watch it. Otherwise, click here.    

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how to have a little faith

How To Have A Little Faith In Yourself

By Terri | 02 May 2018 | 0

This was coming for a lot of people so I did a short video I talk about having a little faith in yourself. If you’re struggling with ‘I don’t know how to have faith in myself’ or ‘I don’t have any faith in myself’ watch this. Listen and question EVERYTHING you think when you tell…

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how to stop pointless worrying

How To Stop Pointless Worrying

By Terri | 25 Apr 2018 | 0

I did a short video I talk about a tip I learnt from the amazing Richard Dotts. I can’t remember which book it was from, but if you haven’t read any of his books I suggest you read all of them! I talk about how worrying won’t solve the problem because if it did you…

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how to live authentically

How To Live Authentically

By Terri | 18 Apr 2018 | 2

I did a live on Facebook where I talked about living authentically. If you’re doing any of these things, stop! It’s conditioned, habitual, programmed behaviour and it can be changed. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can’t. Here’s what I talk about: How your beliefs aren’t the real you Superconscious Remembering who you were…

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how to make bold moves

How To Make Bold Moves

By Terri | 11 Apr 2018 | 0

I had so much fun recently on the Bold Moves podcast hosted by Mandie Brice. On the podcast I talked about: How holding onto negative emotions will catch up with you eventually and manifest as addictions and mental and physical health issues. How we use addiction to get us into a different state because we’re…

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how to stop feeling not good enough

How To Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

By Terri | 04 Apr 2018 | 0

So many adults are walking around with their childhood beliefs. They’re not getting the results and outcomes they want in their life because they have an underlying belief that they’re not good enough. This belief is bullshit. It’s an illusion we create as children to protect us and keep us safe because of things influential…

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How To Listen To Your Intuition

By Terri | 28 Mar 2018 | 0

Decisions that are made out of fear are from the ego. What’s the difference between intuition and ego?   Our intuition can be felt, our ego is heard. When you live from your soul you’re calmer, happier, and living in flow. Our intuition is our inner guidance, our GPS of the soul that we are.…

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How To Stop Hating Yourself

By Terri | 21 Mar 2018 | 0

The potential in you is GREATER than any circumstance. Once you realise this, you set yourself free. – Matt Manero How I stopped hating myself…no I didn’t use affirmations I changed over 30 years of negative conditioning and programming aka bullshit thoughts I used to tell myself and bullshit beliefs I had about myself. About how…

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I’m Not Good Enough Is Bullshit

By Terri | 14 Mar 2018 | 0

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip   When you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved you spend your whole time trying to please people trying to get them to love you or even like you   Yeah, I’ve been there   If you’re putting…

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Get instant access to my free resources library which includes my Purpose Discovery Playbook & What Do You Need To Create Your Life? You can take action on these immediately and make positive changes in your life

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