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Thoughts That Don’t Feel Good

By Terri | 12 Feb 2020 | 0

You don’t have to identify with any thought about yourself that don’t feel good   It don’t matter how true or real they feel. Don’t feed them. Don’t buy into them. You’ll end up in a negative spiral. Be an observer. Observe the thoughts. They will pass. Sit with the feelings. They too will pass…

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This Is Your Opportunity To Start Again

By Terri | 11 Feb 2020 | 0

‘We pay a high price for not taking 100% responsibility for our experience, the price is thinking we can’t change it.’ – ACIM    The day I woke up to the pain I was in, the pain I thought I’d never get out of, the pain I thought was and would always be a part…

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Who Are You?

By Terri | 10 Feb 2020 | 0

Who are you without your stories created from past experiences?  Your feelings of inadequacy?  Who are you without the weight of your experiences dragging you down and holding you back?  You know you can’t move forward without it right?  Well you could, but it would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to  If…

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Why Should You Create The Business That’s In Your Heart And Soul?

By Terri | 03 Feb 2020 | 0

Our happiness depends on fulfilling what we came here to do   It’s why so many people struggle because they’re not doing it, and they wonder why they’re not happy   They’re listening to the thoughts in their head instead of the wisdom in their heart. Their divinity. We’re not just human. We’re divinity having…

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A quick free 7 day course that you can have access to right now to unfuck your head, heal your childhood shit & live your purpose

By Terri | 07 Sep 2019 | 2

Lessons in self awareness for so you can heal your childhood shit because you KNOW you’re here with a BIG purpose that’s gonna make a BIG difference in the world    1 Let go of the guilt and shame. It’s not yours. It wasn’t your fault. STOP blaming you. As soon as you’ve done this…

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The never ending cycle of thinking you need to fix yourself

By Terri | 23 Jul 2019 | 0

Finding something that you know is working. Then stopping that thing because something else comes along that you think will work better. This is it! This is the thing that’s going to fix me! That’s going to heal me! When I’ve done this I can do what I need to do! That’s it, after this…

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How To Live Authentically

By Terri | 18 Apr 2018 | 10

I did a live on Facebook where I talked about living authentically. If you’re doing any of these things, stop! It’s conditioned, habitual, programmed behaviour and it can be changed. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can’t. Here’s what I talk about: How your beliefs aren’t the real you Superconscious Remembering who you were…

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How To Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

By Terri | 04 Apr 2018 | 0

So many adults are walking around with their childhood beliefs. They’re not getting the results and outcomes they want in their life because they have an underlying belief that they’re not good enough. This belief is bullshit. It’s an illusion we create as children to protect us and keep us safe because of things influential…

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I’m Not Good Enough Is Bullshit

By Terri | 14 Mar 2018 | 0

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip   When you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved you spend your whole time trying to please people trying to get them to love you or even like you   Yeah, I’ve been there   If you’re putting…

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When Life Gives You A Wake Up Call, Answer It

By Terri | 07 Mar 2018 | 4

When life gives you a wake up call, answer it   Sometimes it feels like life is playing a nightmarish game and we’re the victims   You ever feel unhappy when you’re supposed to be happy?   I have. For a long time. I suppose you could say that from the outside I was what…

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