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When the outcome is a given of you being you!

By Terri | 23 Jul 2020 | 0

When the outcome is a given, you know it’s done you don’t worry about what to do, you don’t doubt and fear because the outcome is a fucking given of you being you!!!   I really hope you get this because I don’t how much clearer I can make it   When you shut ALL…

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Have you seen who you are?

By Terri | 23 Jul 2020 | 0

Yes?   Maybe she scares you a lil bit   You find her a lil bit intimidating   A lil crazy   So you ignore her and return to you safe conditioned self that you know isn’t you at all   She’s the one who wants it all   And secretly knows she can have…

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It don’t matter what they think of your foolishness

By Terri | 22 Jul 2020 | 0
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You just need to walk through the damn door that’s already open

By Terri | 22 Jul 2020 | 0

You already are the person you’ve been shown you are   Your constant analysis of what needs to be fixed and healed and looking for that thing that’s going to heal you is stopping you from walking through that door   You either accept that you are that person or stay stuck in believing you…

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Look the devil in the eye and say not today bitch!

By Terri | 21 Jul 2020 | 0

Look the devil in the eye and say not today bitch!   Because you’ll do the work until it works   Letting go of the chains of the past   The doubt and fear   And going all in on your mission   Your purpose   The calling from the depths of your soul to…

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The only thing you need to concern yourself with

By Terri | 20 Jul 2020 | 0

The only thing you need to concern yourself with   The only thing it comes down to   The only thing stopping you from being, doing and having what you say you want is you telling yourself you can’t   It’s your thinking and conditioning from the past you need to break   I didn’t…

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I’d rather masturbate with a razor blade than read this crap

By Terri | 16 Jul 2020 | 0

I can’t see me doing this forever he said but I’m going ask for a promotion he said   What?   You’re going to contradict yourself through life until you’re nearly dead telling yourself I can’t see me doing this forever?   You’re so done with the striving you don’t know what you’re striving for…

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I’m so done with this shit is a powerful energy to be in

By Terri | 15 Jul 2020 | 0

Unless you choose to stay in the I’m so done with this energy and do nothing about it   If nothing’s changed in the last 12 months what makes you think that in 12 months time it’s going to be different?   Unless you actually do something about it then yeah it could be a…

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The only way through is to keep pushing through the tsunami of bullshit

By Terri | 14 Jul 2020 | 0

You know when it feels like you’re wasting your time?   Your life?   I wasted years   Time I ain’t getting back   Healing and fixing. Backing up when I got close to a breakthrough.   Fear took over. I let it beat me every time   You feel like you’re on the edge…

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I can’t commit to this work

By Terri | 07 Jul 2020 | 0

You can’t commit to something that will change you and your life?   To working your way out of feeling empty?   Settling for less than you know is possible for you when you get glimpses of who you really are?   That’s your decision   I’ve been a parenting alone for 12 years  …

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