Can you see the ridiculousness of it all??

can you see the ridiculousness

I won’t make it because I don’t believe I’m worthy. I don’t have what it takes. That life wasn’t meant for me it’s too good to be true 


I will never get there because I don’t believe it so what’s the point in trying? I might as well not bother. It’s too hard for me too much effort 


I’m not ready because I have so much shit to heal and too much fear. It’s not safe for me because I don’t believe in my power I’m not owning it 


I haven’t really decided to do the work of being the me I know I’m here to be because I don’t think it’s possible. It don’t happen to people like me 


I just can’t because I don’t believe it so what’s the point? 


It’s just too hard for me to change 




All of it


A heavy sack of shit you’ve been carrying around called ‘you’


I’m not saying you’re a sack of shit. The crap you’re carrying around holding you back telling you can’t IS


You can validate these stories 


Or you can choose not to and break the conditioning that’s stopping you from living the purpose you’re here to live being a messenger that creates shifts and transformation just by being YOU 


These are all beliefs. Are they true for everyone? No. They’re NOT ultimate truth


Consciously create and integrate new beliefs


How? Check it out below


A limiting belief is a thought you have that goes against what you want when you think about your purpose led business and your desires 


They’re easy to identify 


Easy to replace


So you can realign with your truest, highest self 


The next level YOU 


You will catch it and realign EVERYTIME that bullshit rears its ugly head because you KNOW it don’t align with your higher self 


You will think it and FEEL it more than the bullshit limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying around for far too long 


You will add a new story, tell yourself a new story and FEEL IT 


You will KNOW that this is not the ULTIMATE truth. Is the bullshit you believe true for everyone? No it’s not. You’ve made it true for YOU and you can sure as fuck make it untrue 




What you know is meant for you

So go. Do it now. Sit down with a pen and paper. Get clear on what you’re here to do, who you’re here to be and what living your purpose and creating your purpose led SOUL led business looks like to you



Listen to all the shit that comes up telling you you can’t. Write it all down



Replace that shit with the TRUTH the ONLY truth the ULTIMATE truth the truth your higher self next level you has to say to you right NOW 


Ramp it up

Say it boldly, loudly and with conviction


Add story. Tell yourself a new story and FEEL IT 


Make a soul contract with yourself that you will replace that shit every time it comes up and realign with what you KNOW deep in your soul is the truth about you. 5 10 15 20 times every fucking time 


Feel it. See it. Be it 


You want what you want or not? You want to waste another year another month another day another MINUTE of your life not being who you’re meant to be? 


Then don’t bother. Get off here and go back to your life. You know, the one you don’t want 


Or be the person you KNOW you’re meant to be doing what you KNOW you’re meant to do and stop fucking lying to yourself 


Everything you say you want is yours 


You just have to be the person who gets to have it 


Big love, 


Terri x

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