How You Know You’re Not Doing Your Soul Work

What’s Normal Anyway?

We have a serious problem in society No not that one  People are pissed off. Their 9-5 has turned into an 8-7 They’re tired. They don’t have enough time for themselves or their loved ones. They’re wishing their lives away. They’re stuck in jobs that are making them unhappy  They’ve been lied to. This lie has created fear  Imagine if…

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Why Should You Create The Business That’s In Your Heart And Soul?

Our happiness depends on fulfilling what we came here to do   It’s why so many people struggle because they’re not doing it, and they wonder why they’re not happy   They’re listening to the thoughts in their head instead of the wisdom in their heart. Their divinity. We’re not just human. We’re divinity having…

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When Life Gives You A Wake Up Call, Answer It

When life gives you a wake up call, answer it   Sometimes it feels like life is playing a nightmarish game and we’re the victims   You ever feel unhappy when you’re supposed to be happy?   I have. For a long time. I suppose you could say that from the outside I was what…

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