There’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself

There’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself    I will not adjust   Dial down    Edit   Any part of who I am to fit into the world because I’m scared of not being liked    Yes I know we’re wired for approval   But at the cost of going against myself?   Backing myself…

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You don’t need to get into a debate with fear

There’s an underlying sadness   Anxiety   Because you know you’re meant for more   And the fact that you’re ignoring it is causing the underlying sadness and anxiety   Do me a favour for just 1 day   Pay attention to your thoughts   To the bs you tell yourself about you    Things…

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Fill your own hole or carry on wasting your life

Fill your own hole    Or carry on expecting something out there to fill it for you and carry on being disappointed    Next level you is NOW   You don’t have to work towards it    Believe me I tried that shit and there will always be some reason telling you why you can’t…

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Can you see the ridiculousness of it all??

I won’t make it because I don’t believe I’m worthy. I don’t have what it takes. That life wasn’t meant for me it’s too good to be true    I will never get there because I don’t believe it so what’s the point in trying? I might as well not bother. It’s too hard for…

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Stop being who you are

Right now   If you want tomorrow to be different   Change the story you tell yourself   It’s old news   Because the REAL version of you that gets to decide right now that tomorrow will be different already exists you just need to keep practising daily in the moment that this is where…

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Have you seen who you are?

Yes?   Maybe she scares you a lil bit   You find her a lil bit intimidating   A lil crazy   So you ignore her and return to you safe conditioned self that you know isn’t you at all   She’s the one who wants it all   And secretly knows she can have…

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The only thing you need to concern yourself with

The only thing you need to concern yourself with   The only thing it comes down to   The only thing stopping you from being, doing and having what you say you want is you telling yourself you can’t   It’s your thinking and conditioning from the past you need to break   I didn’t…

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