2 Things Some People Do That Are Completely Stupid

  Stupid thing 1  Go and sit in the corner of the room for an hour and fill your head with doubt, bullshit, bollocks and crappy thoughts about yourself    No?  Don’t want to?  Good  The thing is some people are doing this without realising it    Stupid thing 2 Pick some random date in…

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Get Over Fear By Starting Now

Seen in Hong Kong:  ‘We can’t return to normal, because the normal that we had was precisely the problem.’  Tomorrow never comes  Waiting waiting waiting For what?  I’ll feel better when…. I’ll do it when… I just need to heal this part of me then I can do….. They’re excuses not reasons  I need to…

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What’s Normal Anyway?

We have a serious problem in society No not that one  People are pissed off. Their 9-5 has turned into an 8-7 They’re tired. They don’t have enough time for themselves or their loved ones. They’re wishing their lives away. They’re stuck in jobs that are making them unhappy  They’ve been lied to. This lie has created fear  Imagine if…

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We Need A Change Of Heart

We need a change of heart   We have to have faith. Not just with the mind but with the heart too   What’s the change you want to see in the world?    Me?    For people to heal their shit. To let go of the baggage that’s dragging them down. The problem is…

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