Thoughts & Feelings

You’re fucked off with being fucked off

You’re fucked off with being fucked off   Which is why I KNOW you’re going to commit to this like you’ve never committed before   This is you committing to YOU   Your life   Your outcomes   Or you can carry on not giving a shit and be on your merry way   Or…

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2 Things Some People Do That Are Completely Stupid

  Stupid thing 1  Go and sit in the corner of the room for an hour and fill your head with doubt, bullshit, bollocks and crappy thoughts about yourself    No?  Don’t want to?  Good  The thing is some people are doing this without realising it    Stupid thing 2 Pick some random date in…

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Your Word Is Your Wand

Tell yourself you do have the courage to quit your 9-5 so you can create your purpose led business because you    Tell yourself you do have what it takes because you do    Tell yourself you are worthy of going for your dreams because you are    Tell yourself other people’s opinions of you…

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Affirmations To Be Here Now

This post was written during the Coronavirus lockdown. These affirmations can be used any time when you find yourself time travelling to the past or the future so you can free yourself of anxiety, regret and fear    Some of us are wishing our lives away during this time    Complaining that time is going…

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Thoughts That Don’t Feel Good

You don’t have to identify with any thought about yourself that don’t feel good   It don’t matter how true or real they feel. Don’t feed them. Don’t buy into them. You’ll end up in a negative spiral. Be an observer. Observe the thoughts. They will pass. Sit with the feelings. They too will pass…

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