Why You’re Not Doing Your Soul Work

How To Know What Your Beliefs Are And Change Them

This is for you if you have no idea what your beliefs are, need to find out what they are, and how to change them  This is going to remove your limitations and transform your life forever  Yep. In a single blog post  Stick with it and if you know anyone who needs this please…

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Get Over Fear By Starting Now

Seen in Hong Kong:  ‘We can’t return to normal, because the normal that we had was precisely the problem.’  Tomorrow never comes  Waiting waiting waiting For what?  I’ll feel better when…. I’ll do it when… I just need to heal this part of me then I can do….. They’re excuses not reasons  I need to…

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Thoughts That Don’t Feel Good

You don’t have to identify with any thought about yourself that don’t feel good   It don’t matter how true or real they feel. Don’t feed them. Don’t buy into them. You’ll end up in a negative spiral. Be an observer. Observe the thoughts. They will pass. Sit with the feelings. They too will pass…

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How To Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

So many adults are walking around with their childhood beliefs. They’re not getting the results and outcomes they want in their life because they have an underlying belief that they’re not good enough. This belief is bullshit. It’s an illusion we create as children to protect us and keep us safe because of things influential…

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I’m Not Good Enough Is Bullshit

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip   When you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved you spend your whole time trying to please people trying to get them to love you or even like you   Yeah, I’ve been there   If you’re putting…

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Your Limiting Beliefs Are Bullshit

  Yes. That’s what I’m telling you. Your limiting beliefs are bullshit.   But where do limiting beliefs come from?   Our beliefs are either other people’s beliefs that they projected onto us (for example money is the root of all evil, you’re too stupid to do that etc etc bullshit bullshit).   Or maybe…

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I Really Want To Move Forward But Something’s Holding Me Back

“I really want to move forward but something’s holding me back and I don’t know what it is” I’ve heard this a lot. People come to me telling me they have blocks that are stopping them from getting where they want to me but they don’t know what those blocks are. First of all, there…

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