Fear Is A Choice And It’s Stopping You From Quitting Your Job And Living Your Life Your Way

i am worthy

This post was written during the 5th week of lockdown during the coronavirus in the UK


If you feel happier at home, are dreading going back to work and are still dreaming about creating your purpose led business, this is for you 


‘Fear is not real, it’s a product of our thoughts. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice’ 


Our thoughts become a problem when we focus on them, believe them, put emotion into them. When we don’t engage with them, keep letting them go, they cease to exist


Those thoughts create our lives because we act (or don’t act) from those thoughts 


Every thought we have is in the past. The thought you had 10 seconds ago is in the past. When we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again we’re creating our future based on past thoughts 




When you keep getting these thoughts that keep you stuck in fear keep letting them go. Repeat an affirmation to keep you in the present moment and remind yourself that yes you are worthy


I am worthy

I am worthy

I am worthy


Say it with feeling. Feel the love in your heart that's always there. If you're able to put your hands on your heart too



Check out this post for more affirmations to keep you in the present moment


Ask yourself these questions


What don’t I want? 

What do I want?

How would that feel? Feel it NOW 

Who do I need to be? 

What do I need to do? 


Our emotions create our lives. Everything is energy and you always have the freedom to direct it towards what you want and how you want to feel, not what you don’t want 


This post here will help you uncover what your limiting beliefs are and how to change them


Go here to stop thinking these 7 thoughts that are stopping you from quitting the job you hate and creating a purpose led business you love

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