Fill your own hole or carry on wasting your life

fill your own hole

Fill your own hole 


Or carry on expecting something out there to fill it for you and carry on being disappointed 


Next level you is NOW


You don’t have to work towards it 


Believe me I tried that shit and there will always be some reason telling you why you can't


Something holding you back


Lies your head tells you that you can’t 


You work FROM it never towards it 


You don’t have to earn it


Deserve it


Be worthy of it 


It’s who you always were and were meant to be long before you believed otherwise and were told what to believe about what it really means to be you 


It’s not your fault


We didn’t have a choice then but we do now 


And if you’re tired of your own bullshit that you’re not where you think you should be, that you’ve got everything you could possibly want and it all looks fancy schmancy on the outside but on the inside you’re still not happy there’s something missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it 


That thing is YOU because you’re connected to the fake you you’re pretending to be


And until you stop thinking that thing is ‘out there’ in the cake the chocolate the drink the things you keep filling up with to avoid feeling your feelings


To fill a need that cannot be filled by anything or anyone but YOU there’s STILL a big gaping hole in your core 


Nothing will change


Get CLEAR on who you really are


Have ALWAYS known yourself to be


Without the shit, the story you tell yourself every damn day why you’re not that person


The truth that you know deep down is YOU at your core 


You’ve always known you have this thing inside


This power


This potential 


That you’re here to shake shit up 


To create BIG change 


Who is THAT person? 


Who would you be when you change the story you tell yourself about you? 




That’s when magic happens


Mountains are moved 


Stop being scared of your power


The real you 


And stop with the victim this is just how it is bullshit 


Unless you’re happy with wasting your life pretending to be someone you’re not letting your purpose and the change you’re here to create die inside you 


Big love,

Terri x

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