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It’s true that we can connect to universal goodness any time. That inner high vibe feel good feeling. Just close your eyes, let your thoughts go and you’ll feel it. When we do that, what we want comes in. I’m talking from experience. Because the universe isn't 'out there'. We are it.

BUT. If what you want comes in and you don’t feel worthy, deserving, it doesn’t align with what you believe you’re worthy and deserving of, it’s going to make you feel anxious, in conflict, you’ll sabotage.

Again, I’m talking from experience. With myself and others. That’s why I do the deeper work. Not surface level just change your thoughts work. Of course we need to change our thoughts. Our perspective.

But it goes deeper.

Worry. Limiting beliefs. Emotions that aren’t serving you. Not feeling worthy and deserving. Deep down you know you’re worthy and deserving, but the stories you’ve created around what happened to you have got stuck in your subconscious and are affecting your energy and convincing you that you can’t.

I had 40+ years of negative programming to change. It’s an ongoing process. Reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, learning and gathering information is all good as long as you DO something with it. Otherwise, nothing changes. We need to do the do to ground the new beliefs. Create new habits. Make new choices and decisions.

When we move, the universe moves with us. It responds to action.

If you’ve been stuck for a long time and are tired of the same old same old showing up in your life and are ready to break the pattern.
If you’re ready to be heard because you know you want to heal so you can help others to heal too. Fill in the form below.

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