Have you seen who you are?

have you seen who you are



Maybe she scares you a lil bit


You find her a lil bit intimidating


A lil crazy


So you ignore her and return to you safe conditioned self that you know isn’t you at all


She’s the one who wants it all


And secretly knows she can have it


The business


The impact


The truth that’s waiting to be shared by her powerful voice if you would just let her the fuck out


SHE is who you were before the world threw it’s shit at you


Told you to stay quiet


Stay small


Pretend the real you don’t exist


But she does exist


She’s alive in you


And when she’s unleashed nothing will stop her


You say fuck yes this is who I get to be


This is who I am


You live you life your way because you became her


How would you choose her in every moment?


So you can show up for yourself as yourself?


And know that nothing and no-one dictates how you feel about you?


Only YOU can do that


When you shut out the noise of fear and doubt you can’t not be you because that’s the only thing that’s stopping you


Let it beat you or be who you know you are because she’s already beaten it anyway


Big love,

Terri x

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