How To Make Bold Moves

how to make bold moves

I had so much fun recently on the Bold Moves podcast hosted by Mandie Brice.

On the podcast I talked about:

  • How holding onto negative emotions will catch up with you eventually and manifest as addictions and mental and physical health issues.
  • How we use addiction to get us into a different state because we're avoiding the negative emotions that need to be faced.
  • How I realised the first step to healing from my abuse was to stop blaming myself even though logically I knew it wasn't my fault.
  • How everything changed when I stopped blaming myself because I was able to release the negative emotions of guilt and shame which changed everything for me.
  • How as soon as I let go of the negative emotions my depression and PTSD went.
  • The mind/body connection.
  • Letting go of negative emotions moves you up the levels of consciousness aka rises your vibration enables you to take control of your life, take your power back and become the creator that you are.

My boldest move might shock you, it shocked me! Click the image below to watch or listen to the podcast.


how to make bold moves post image


I'd love to hear about you, what bold move/s have you made in your life or are thinking of making? Leave your comments below.


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