I can’t commit to this work

i can't commit to this work

You can’t commit to something that will change you and your life?


To working your way out of feeling empty?


Settling for less than you know is possible for you when you get glimpses of who you really are?


That’s your decision


I’ve been a parenting alone for 12 years


Worked my arse off in jobs I hated


Had more pain to deal with than I would wish on my worst enemy


Suffered with depression and PTSD


At times I wanted to die


But I knew I deserved better


My daughter deserved better


She deserves the best me I can be


So do I


Get off your arse and do the work you know you need to do. You don’t even have to do that. You can sit on your arse and do it


I don't know what your situation is but if 'I can't commit' is an excuse maybe ask yourself if you care enough about your life to not look back when you’re old at all you could’ve done but didn’t


I know it’s scary


I know it seems hard


I've told myself the I can't commit bs too


Living a life not true to you is harder. It doesn’t work and it never will


You deserve more than just to exist


What crap do you need to let go of to be the you you know you really are?


Journal on that


Big love,

Terri x

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