I Really Want To Move Forward But Something’s Holding Me Back

i really want to move forward

“I really want to move forward but something’s holding me back and I don’t know what it is”

I’ve heard this a lot.

People come to me telling me they have blocks that are stopping them from getting where they want to me but they don’t know what those blocks are.

First of all, there are no blocks.

You might have some beliefs that need to be changed, you might need to create new habits, you might need to just do more, you might have some fears, you might have excusitis, you might have an ‘I’m not good enough’ story playing over and over again in your head (fuck that’s boring, I had that same bs story running around my head for years), you might have some childhood wounds, but there is nothing stopping you from getting what you want. It’s all in your head.

Beliefs can be changed, new habits can be created, fears can be conquered, childhood wounds can be healed. If you’re making excuses (I see this a lot as well), look at what’s really going on underneath those excuses.

Think about what you want and what you’re trying to create in your life. Then ask yourself why you don’t have it, why hasn’t it shown up yet?

Listen to the negative voice and the stories you tell why you can’t have, do and be what you want.

Change your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.

Change the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t have what you want.

When you tell yourself the same thing over and over again it becomes a belief. You've done it for years with the negative bs. You can do it again but this time with positive beliefs that are going to get you where you want to go.

Get it all out and write it down. A lot of what comes up might be from what happened in your childhood. We carry these beliefs into our adult lives where they no longer serve us and they stop us from being, doing and having what we want.

When you’ve got it all out on paper, ask yourself what action can I take right now that’s aligned with my new beliefs? What can you do today? Don’t put it off until next week, start now.

As you move forward and start taking action, the same old boring AF excuses and fears are going to keep coming up. You’re going to make assumptions. We’re so good at predicting the future, thinking about what’s going to go wrong instead of what’s going to go right. Keep taking steps. Keep doing what scares you until it doesn’t scare you any more. The more action you take the more confident you’ll be.

Time is something we never get back.
There’s no such thing as the perfect time to start.
If you don’t want 2018 to look like 2017, if you wasted time in 2017 worrying about what might go wrong, start thinking about what might go right.
Right now is a good time to start.

Oh and as you keep pushing taking action and doing new stuff the same old boring bs in your head is going to come up. Unless someone is going to die, or someone’s going to get hurt, you have no excuse to not keep pushing on, now that you know how to deal with that boring bs.

Oh and one (just one I promise) more thing. Sometimes people say they don't know what's holding them back. But they do know. It might mean going back to a place where they don't want to go. To somewhere in their past that caused them emotional pain. But sometimes going back to that place is what's going to set you free.


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    • Terri on 3rd February 2020 at 1:28 pm

      You’re very kind, thank you. Keep checking as I’ll be adding more ❤

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