IF you’re a heart and soul led woman a change maker, way shower, guide, teacher a transformational genius and you need a kick up the arse and to be reminded that you are an ICON and that your divine gifts are required by many women otherwise you wouldn’t exist and now is the time so show up louder bolder and brighter in your ENERGY than you have up until now woman THIS IS IT

♀️ You are ready to unfuck yourself and stop being the good girl please like me people pleaser and be the woman who shows up POWERFULLY and CONFIDENTLY in her soul led mission her heart led business for the women who need to HEAR your voice FEEL your energy and cannot wait to pay you for being YOU #VanillaForDaysNoMore

♀️ We are going to get rose quartz crystal fucking clear on who you are and what you ACTUALLY REALLY want at SOUL level so you can show up and be who you KNOW you’re here to be and stop showing up in a vanilla sea of sameness because what makes you you is what’s gonna make you stand out and be the red carpet queen of your destiny and stop with the ‘I wish I was like her' bullshit

♀️ You’re DONE with will I won’t I can I can’t I you’re ready to back yourself FULLY 100% no turning back

♀️  You are going to stop hiding and start being the woman the little girl in you knows she was born to be

♀️ You are going to witness the ego, the voice, the narrative, that keeps you small, safe and hidden. You’re going to pay attention to the narrative in your head that runs on repeat and has done for too long now like omg it’s so fucking boring are we done with this shit yet or what?? This is about understanding yourself and what got you here because also keeping you stuck in the patterns and conditioning you say you want to be free of is a whole lot of self judgement. No. Fucking. More. Be the witness. Not judge and jury

♀️ That voice that’s been playing over and over in your head like a broken record? Scratch that. It ain’t gonna have control of you any more. We’re going TRUTH over ego. Empowerment over bullshit


We are changing the lives of women everywhere which of course changes the world ♀️

✨ Be surrounded by powerful women like YOU who dream bigger than most and have the audacity to be who they are unapologetically and show the world who they are because they know the world needs their gifts. They ARE a gift

✨ If you’re ready to go deep into you and your soul mission and live a life of freedom that comes from within YOU and you want to be surrounded by a sisterhood while you do it THIS IS THE ONE

✨ We’re going to be in a Facebook group but this is NOT going to be a one way conversation with me talking at you we’re going DEEPER than that we’re going to get together on Zoom you’re going to get the opportunity to speak and get coaching from me this is worth a fuck load more than I’m charging for it so put your money where your mouth is stop talking and dreaming and hoping and start being and doing



♀️ It’s time to get real

♀️ It’s time to tell the truth

♀️ It’s time to take action that’s aligned with your heart and soul

♀️  Yes you are here to change the world

♀️  Yes you are here to make a huge impact in the lives of women everywhere

♀️  Me and the other women in this group will hold you in that truth at all times

♀️  Be guided to a new state of being so you can be you and get paid and STOP trying to force the world to be what you want it to be NO MORE burning yourself out

♀️  Accept all of who you are and be her because anything less is self betrayal and ain’t getting you paid

♀️ Be who you really are because trust me babez there ain’t many who have the courage to do this, You wanna know how to stand out? This is it

♀️ Be the expression of your highest calling and contribution born out of your past experiences, story and values

♀️ Know what needs to go in all that you thought you had to be so you can be who you were born to be

♀️  Be in CERTAINTY in who you are, what you do and how it impacts lives and changes the world

♀️ Be in CERTAINTY that you are the one to do this


♀️ 33 days of soul activation for just £222 


We are tapping directly into your heart and soul for 33 days that includes hot seats and coaching on group calls via Zoom for just £222 and we start on Monday 20th November 






When you have paid message me to let me know here on Facebook or here on tiktok 


You can also message me on Facebook or tiktok

 if you have any questions before you sign up 


See you there, payment link here 


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