I’d rather masturbate with a razor blade than read this crap

i'd rather masturbate with a razor blade

I can’t see me doing this forever he said but I’m going ask for a promotion he said




You’re going to contradict yourself through life until you’re nearly dead telling yourself I can’t see me doing this forever?


You’re so done with the striving you don’t know what you’re striving for any more but you’re going to carry on striving anyway!


Someone actually hurt my eyes with this crap. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I wanted to throw up all over my phone. It was like diarrhoea on my screen


You’re boring yourself. Pressing snooze on your life


Ain’t nothing good about doing what you hate. You’d get more excitement out of a flaccid dick because hey at least you might get something good out of it


The only work that’ll work is the work that excites you


If you don’t want to get excited about your life I’m not for you and you’re not for me


Do what everyone else is doing and hate it


Or do what you want to do, what you’re here to do and love it


Your choice


Big love,

Terri x

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