I’m Not Good Enough Is Bullshit

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Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip


When you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved you spend your whole time trying to please people trying to get them to love you or even like you


Yeah, I’ve been there


If you’re putting on a mask and trying to be someone you’re not you’ll end up unhappy, disappointed and exhausted


After spending so much time trying to get people to like me I still didn’t feel liked. How can other people like you if you don’t like you? People might genuinely like you but you won’t believe it so you’ll spend time sabotaging your relationships to prove that you’re right and they didn’t really like you in the first place. As you sabotage and create situations of not being good enough, it reinforces your belief that you’re not likeable and don’t deserve to be loved


Underneath the desperate wanting to be loved or liked is a feeling of not being good enough


  • You might’ve been treated badly as a child
  • Maybe someone told you that you were bad or naughty
  • You might’ve seen your mum or dad unhappy so you tried to make them happy but nothing worked so you feel like it was your fault
  • This created a feeling of not being good enough and you still have those feelings inside you now
  • You might feel like you’ve lost control of your life
  • You’ve wasted years of your life
  • You made some decisions that went wrong and you have no idea how you ended up where you are now
  • You’re comparing other people’s life to yours
  • You feel like you should be further ahead in life than you are
  • You might procrastinate and not finish things you start that you know will be good for you
  • You might end up feeling anxious and depressed

All of those things will make you feel like you’re not good enough  


You think there’s something wrong with you and you spend your life trying to get the approval and acceptance of others


You think you don’t deserve to have good things happen to you. Good things only happen to other people. Why can’t you have some of that? It’s because you think you’re not worthy so you create situations to prove you’re not worthy. You might not realise you’re doing it but you are.


Your beliefs that you're not good enough will manifest in every area of your life. Until you change how you feel about yourself, nothing will change. You’ll keep creating negative situations because of what you believe.


  • You might be playing the victim
  • You might enjoy wallowing in your own self pity
  • You might be addicted to your own negativity
  • You might be so scared of failure or making mistakes that you use your ‘I’m not good enough’ bs to protect you and stop you from stepping up and doing what it is you want to do in this world

No-one is born not good enough. It’s bullshit


Next time you hear it in yourself, get a photo of yourself as a baby or a child and tell yourself you’re not good enough




When you think about it, it’s impossible to define what ‘good enough’ is. Next time you tell yourself you’re not good enough, ask yourself ‘what is my definition of good enough, what does it actually mean?’


Everyone I’ve worked with has told me they don’t really believe that they’re not good enough


They’ve become used to telling themselves the same story over and over again. It’s become a habit. But it’s a habit you CAN change, you just need to choose to change it


Stop telling yourself that you should do more, be more and be better

Stop saying you’re not good enough

Stop assuming you’re not good enough

Your thoughts are just thoughts

Stop giving so much power to the negative ones


Check out this post where I talk about how your limiting beliefs are bullshit too


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below if you've experienced this and what you did about it. Or if you're experiencing it right now, what are you going to do about it?


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