I’m so done with this shit is a powerful energy to be in

i'm so done with this shit is

Unless you choose to stay in the I’m so done with this energy and do nothing about it


If nothing's changed in the last 12 months what makes you think that in 12 months time it’s going to be different?


Unless you actually do something about it then yeah it could be a lot different


If that thought scares you I’m doing a lil happy dance over here


You’ve got work to do


Shit to shed


Soul to align


Get clear on what’s working and what’s not including your bitching and moaning that it’s not working


Your soul is speaking


It’s telling you change needs to happen


You need to listen to it. Not the bs in your head


The power you’ve always known you’ve got


Use it or waste it. Die with it. That vision you’ve got. That mission


That desire to shake shit up to change the world one person at a time


How different would your life be in 12 months if you acted on it?


Decided right now that that’s who you are


Do it or keep lying to yourself telling yourself you don’t have what it takes even though you know you do


Big love,

Terri x

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