I’m tired of women like you letting fear kick your arse

i'm tired of women like you

I’m tired of women like you letting fear kick your arse 


If you would drop that story of how your life gets to be, you would have certainty, trust in who you are what you’re here to do 


That story of who you think you are and OWN the true story of who you really are


Your soul is done with crying shaking her head in despair at the fact that you’ve believed this shit for so long all because you don’t listen to her when she is constantly showing you what’s real and true about you 


About what you get to do and who you get to be


You already are that


You already get to do that




If you would just choose her in every moment


Trust her, listen to her, believe her because she tells the truth the ONLY truth there is 


Not the bs in your head that you’ve believed is the truth for too long


You’re fighting between the two and you get to decide who wins 


So tell me which one do you think you should choose?


There is only one answer in this


And you already know what that answer is 




If you’re ready to BELIEVE I’ve created something just for you because I’m TIRED of women like you hiding who you are and what you’re here to because you’re letting fear kick your arse! 


Check it out below


Big love,

Terri x

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