It don’t matter because it’s what I want to say what I HAVE to say and I’m going to say it!

it don't matter because

That’s how you go ALL IN on purpose


What you have to say if you do it the only way there is?


It doesn’t even come from you


You don’t think about it urgh that’s the worst way


It comes from deep within


Another realm


It just flows out of you and you get it the fuck down because you



That’s flow


Going all in


On purpose


On soul


On being all of who you’re here to be


What you have to say is far too important to ignore


What other people think doesn’t even come into your head


It might even shock you because where the fuck did that come from?


You will not shut down, not edit yourself the way you have most of if

not all your fucking life


Because soul cannot be edited


Purpose cannot be edited


Unless you choose to ignore it completely in which case why are you

even reading this?


Get on with your life of being a fake


Pretending what you have in you isn’t real


Or be the person who gets to create her life from the depths of her being instead of the surface level crap you’re choosing right now


Big love,

Terri x

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