Look the devil in the eye and say not today bitch!

look the devil in the eye

Look the devil in the eye and say not today bitch!


Because you’ll do the work until it works


Letting go of the chains of the past


The doubt and fear


And going all in on your mission


Your purpose


The calling from the depths of your soul to help people


Because everything you’ve experienced has led you to this moment


Your desire to help people move the mountain you’re ready to move


You care so deeply you won’t let anything stop you


You know you’re here to lead. You just need to break free of what

holds you back


And be forever grateful you did


Because you saw yourself as the powerful soul you are


And now you get to help others see it too in a new level of fulfilment

you’ve never experienced before


Break the conditioning and be the version of you you always were


Big love,

Terri x

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