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I'm here to strip you down to your soul

My mission is freedom for women and girls in all ways


Freedom from the lies their mind tells them. The lies put there by other people. The lies put there by the trauma of their past. I want them to have peace of mind. Peace in their heart. To remember who they are. Their power. Their magic. To say their name without fear. To say their name without embarrassment. To say their name without shame. To say to the world this is who I am and I don’t care if you don’t like me because I LOVE ME. Women and girls don’t need anyone’s validation because they have their own 


I do this through the coaching work I do. I was born to do this work. My work came out of my own experiences of the prison I created because of my painful childhood. I put limitations on myself and now I'm free. I want all women and girls to feel the same. I want them to feel about themselves the way I now feel about me 


Because my work is so powerful, so impactful, it enables me to focus on women and girls worldwide who don’t have access to the basics let alone coaching. I want all girls to feel safe. To be and feel empowered. To have choices. To know they have the power to change the world 



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Also, I’m a big softy. I love animals. I want to save as many animals as possible from abuse. 


What it all comes down to is this. I want everyone, people, animals, to experience happiness and love. To stop looking for it outside of us because it’s not out there. We have the power to give it to ourselves when we fall in love with ourselves. And when we do that we become a beacon. A powerful light. We become magnetic. Because who doesn’t want more happiness and love in their life? Who doesn’t want more light? Everyone will know that that power is within them. And that’s when we change the consciousness of our world to make it better for all


That is why we’re all here 


I am part of that cause


We all are


We need to stop looking to politicians to solve our problems. In my opinion they've helped create them


We need to heal


That's when we realise our power


You with me? 


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Terri Kearns Coach

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