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You ain't here to pay the bills and die

To live life like everyone else

To do a job you fucking hate

That you dread getting up to every day

To do that business knowing your heart just ain't in it

You're fucking tired of not being there fully for your kids

You feel trapped. Like the worlds worst mum

You want to do work that matters to you and other women

You want more freedom. More time

You just want to be YOU again and have some fucking fun while you're doing it

Doing what you're here to do. To serve

But you're a fucking mess. You're in a head fuck

You're childhood shit has caught up with you and you KNOW it's time to deal with that shit

That's where I come in because I've been where you are

It's ok. There is light at the end of that tunnel

And we're gonna fucking light that bitch up


You've always known you can make an impact but you're full of fear and self doubt.

Don't let the past hold you back.


The one who was born to share her story knowing it will inspire others to use their voice and share theirs too.

Who knows that no-one should have to live in the pain of their past.

Who was born to be part of the rising of the collective consciousness by healing herself knowing that when she does that she inspires others to heal too.

Knowing that she is here to live her purpose.

Knowing that when she does that she’s making the world a better place to be and leaving it in a better just because she was in it and she owned her fucking worth, her power, her purpose and lived out the gifts that she was born with. What she was born to do.

Who is ready to be the inspiration her people need.

If that's you, welcome home to the truth of who you really are.

'It's true multi-dimensional healing when you can use your personal experience of transformation to help others.'

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'I feel better in two weeks than after years of therapy.'

'My life has improved drastically. I'm more connected to my soul and getting clear what it is I truly want.'

'It gives me so much hope knowing you've walked such a similar path and have actually found healing.... I was told for so long that I would never be able to heal. Now I actually am beginning to believe I can.'

These women are now going on to make a contribution in the world with their gift and purpose.


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