You cannot be a victim (it's ok, you prob don't realise you doing it, you don't wake up and say to yourself 'I'm gonna be a victim today') and own your power and live your purpose at the same time, the victim in you has gotta go

Thank FUCK you’ve finally realised that even though you were abused in your childhood, everything that has led you to this moment is down to you. Everything that happens in your life from NOW is down to you. It’s up to you to get out of it, stop blaming, you refuse to be a victim any more. 

If you hear yourself saying…

If that hadn’t happened I would…

I’d be able to…

I can’t do that because…

If he/she hadn’t done that to me…. 

Judging and criticising yourself 

When the fuck am I gonna get a break from this shit? 

I’m must be a bad person 

There must be something wrong with me

I’ve always been like this I’ll never be able to change

It’s not going to work out so there’s no point trying 

What’s wrong with me?


You’re suffering from power loss

Power loss like a vibrator that’s run out of batteries 

You need to know where you’re giving it away so you know what to do when it comes up and take it back 

You have underlying guilt and shame

You still have anger and resentment towards those who hurt you

Who didn’t protect you when they should’ve

Who didn’t take care of you properly when it was their fucking job 

The anger and resentment means you’re still blaming

Which means you’re not taking responsibility for what you need to do to move forward because you don’t think you can and it’s all their fault 

We can’t even begin to take control when we’re half in half out blaming other people for why we 

Not taking responsibility for the things you say HAVE to change 

This is NOT owning your power 

You need to let those shitty energies GO can’t move forward in our lives and do what the fuck we need to do

On this journey of healing and growing, every time you go to do something that scares you, that you KNOW is good for you and is going to help you shift and grow, you're going to come up against your victim crap. And you might hear yourself saying any of all of the above. You're gonna be blaming those who hurt you on why you can't do fuck all with your life.

This course is gonna help you through that shit.

This is NOT for you if

This is NOT for those who are still so stuck in this to the point where everything I’ve said DISGUSTS you


Because the WORLD is the cause of your misery and IT needs to change otherwise your misery ain’t gonna end any time soon 

If you think EVERYTHING is out of your control 

That life is happening to you and you have NO control over it 

You’re NOT owning your shit 

You’re life is one big moan fest and you surround yourself with people who out moan each other 

You think you’re entitled to sympathy FOREVER 

No shame from me, that was me for years

It took me a long time to see that that’s where I was 

If you’re feeling shame it’s because you already have it. I didn’t give it to you 

Victim consciousness and getting out of it is a conscious choice we have to be ready to make in our healing 

You’re still blaming your childhood for your misery and that ain’t gonna change any time soon because you don’t think you can do anything about it 

You’re in a deep pity of shit and you ain’t ready to leave it 

You’re not ready to challenge your inner mean bitch with her destructive thoughts 

You still feel like that helpless child and it’s projecting into your life now even though you have FAR more power now as a grown woman than you did as a child 

You’re NEVER bored because there’s so much fucking drama in your life

You LOVE the attention of other people feeling sorry for you 

You think you have the RIGHT to complain 

If this you, you’re not ready

This IS for you if

are where I was a few years ago 

When I was ready to drop that shit 

Because I knew my victim consciousness imprisoned me for most of my life and nearly fucking destroyed me 


You KNOW deep down there are NO barriers, only the ones in your head 

You’re ready to be the CREATOR of your life 

To get clear on what you want and make it happen getting the outcomes you want 

That the trauma of your past WILL NOT stop you unless you let it 

This is for you because you can see that YOU are the cause of your current problems which also means YOU are the solution


How empowering is THAT?? 



To treat yourself with more LOVE KINDNESS AND COMPASSION 

To explore the beliefs that are keeping you stuck 

You KNOW you don’t HAVE to believe the thoughts in your head 

You’re DONE with the victim vibe 

Because there’s no way you can carry on the way you’re going

You cannot live another day like this 

Things HAVE to change NOW 

And you’ll do whatever it takes to change it 


This course will cover what you’re saying to yourself that’s keeping you stuck

So you know exactly what to do when it comes up and get yourself the fuck out of it so you can carry on doing what you need to do to get on with your job of being fully you in all your craziness doing what you’re here to do in your purpose 


TRUST ME when I say this shit is going to come up when you’re scared to show up and change what you don’t like in your life 

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