Shift into wisdom, power and purpose

Shift into your soul


Nothing will give you a greater return than taking the path of the spiritual journey. I know it seems crazy to trust in something you can't see. But you're not just your mind and body. You are soul. When you create from that place, you're co-creating with the universe


This is a course of undoing, remembering and connection to the inner magic that we all have 

Reworking your sense of who you are from the ground up

It will give you the confidence you need from deep within, not just your mind, to quit that job, to co-create that business, to answer your calling

It will get you on the path of freeing your mind from worry, fear and negativity

It’s about learning how to shift your perception when you’re caught in fear, worry and negativity

Your false perceptions are blocks to your inner peace 

Co-create your life with the universe. The universe isn’t out there. It’s who you are. 

This is a course in raising your vibration. The universe responds to your vibration. It’s the language of the universe. Change your vibration, your world changes 

It will get you on the path of your purpose, to begin the spiritual journey of coming home to the truth of who you are and living and co-creating from that magical place 

Everything you do, everything you think, everything you say is creating your experience 

Live from your heart with purpose with this one precious life you have

This is about letting go of outward focus and going within



You have a strong desire for change

Something within you is awakening

You know you can't see yourself doing what you're doing with the rest of your life

You want to answer your calling, even if you don't yet know what that is

Life is passing you by

You feel stuck in your soul sucking business or your career because you deep down know it’s not what you’re meant to be doing and you know it needs to change

There’s a nagging feeling that something’s missing

I've been where you are. I lost my sense of self, my purpose. If you're ready to get off this path, I can help you

This is YOUR time

Are you ready to remember who you are? Yes you are

You might get uncomfortable, which is why you’ve been avoiding this work Fortunately for you, the payoff is HUGE

You have everything you need to make the changes you want to make

You just need to let go




Check out what you'll get and how this works below

terri kearns more faith less fear


My gift, my passion, my purpose, my calling is to help you let go of everything that's holding you back and come home to the truth of who you are and your natural state of love, bliss, joy and peace


  • The confidence you need from deep within, not just your mind, to quit that job, to co-create that business, to answer your calling


  • Practices to help you out of negativity, fear and worry


  • Let go of who you're not, remember who you are


  • Raise your vibration so you can change your world


  • A better relationship with yourself which means better relationships with the people in your life 


  • A better relationship with your life, with the world


  • Know who you are at a deep level and be that without fear of judgement from other people holding you back


  • Start taking steps towards the outcomes you want 


  • Breakthroughs and shifts so you can start taking steps to move out of the rut you’re in 


  • We're going to open your heart, let go of the noise in your mind, achieve mind and heart coherence


  • Look at the emotions that hold you back and bring you down, elevating your vibration. Vibration is the language of the universe and we need to master our energy


  • 7 days voice and text access to me


  • A new playbook to go through every day where we'll be letting go of who you're not and remembering who you are


I'm not giving you the answers. You already have them and I'm not going to take away that power from you. I'm here to help you find what you already know


  • When you've signed up I'll send you'll receive a welcome email from me


  • On Monday 2nd March you'll receive your first playbook, the one every day for the until Sunday 8th March


  • The playbooks contain practices for the day to enlighten you and shift your perspectives


  • You'll also receive a number from me where you can send me voice and text messages with any questions, insights, revelations you have and where you have full support and access to me for the 7 day duration of the course


  • All this 1 to 1 access for just £77.77 for 7 people

Check out who this is for and not for below


If you're willing to see things differently

If you know you want something different but you're not on the path to getting there

Because you know the path you're on is not where you want to end up

If you accept that to change the course of your life, you must see and expect a different reality

Because you're ready to rise. To be the star, the light you already are

If you're ready to enter a new dimension. A new level of consciousness. A new way of being

If you're ready for change from the inside out

Because you're ready to honour the power in you. The magic

Because you know you need to stop believing what you're believing because it's not working for you

Because you're ready to undo and retrain your mind and connect to your heart

Because you're ready to upgrade your frequency

Because you're ready to return to love



If you're telling yourself you're not ready

If you're not willing to show a little willingness to let go of what's causing you to suffer

If you're full of excuses

If you'd rather complain to anyone who will listen than take responsibility and be the change you say you want to see

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