The Lies You Tell Yourself

the lies your tell yourself

Where the wound is, is where the light comes in.
Your identity is not tied to a past experience.
When your desire for peace of mind becomes greater than holding onto your past, an inner path of insights allows you to discover who you truly are.

I honestly believe the human spirit can overcome anything.
Twice I’ve been suicidal in my life, twice I got through it and I have the tools and strategies to make sure I never end up in that dark place again.

We’ve all been through something in our lives that gave us an ‘I’m not enough’ story.

Do you ever hear yourself saying:
I’m not pretty enough
I’m not slim enough
I’m not successful enough
I don’t deserve that
I can’t do that
I’m scared of trying and failing
I’m scared of success
I’ll meet someone when I’m….
I’ll be successful when….

They’re all bs stories you tell yourself and self-imposed limitations. We all have infinite potential. I can see it in you when you can’t. The question is, are you ready to see this potential for yourself?

Maybe you’re tired of living in fear of being disliked, judged or rejected. Your self worth is based on the opinions of others. You allow others to make you feel inferior. You put other people first.
You’re ready to connect to your soul and get clear on what it is you truly want. To make yourself a priority. To stop beating yourself up & putting yourself down.

You know you have potential. Everyone I’ve worked with has said that to me. They know they’re here to do big things but their negativity, fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations paralyse them and stop them from taking the steps they know they’re need to take.

If you're on Facebook click here to see this original post and the quote that goes with it. Read the quote and think about what it means. ALL of our suffering is caused by the lies we tell yourself about who you think you are which is everything you're not.

If you’re ready to get rid of what’s not serving you so can bring in what it is that’s going to drive you forward and into making the impact you know you’re here to make, click here to apply for 1 to 1 coaching so we can let go of what's holding you back and get you moving to where you want to be.


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