The never ending cycle of thinking you need to fix yourself

Finding something that you know is working.
Then stopping that thing because something else comes along that you think will work better.
This is it!
This is the thing that’s going to fix me!
That’s going to heal me!
When I’ve done this I can do what I need to do!
That’s it, after this I’m done!

And it never ends.
It carries on and on and on and on in a continuous cycle.

Pay attention if this is happening.
It’s just another game the ego likes to play.
Because the longer you stay in this cycle, the longer nothing changes.
And that’s what scares ego the most.
It doesn’t want change.
It doesn’t matter how unhappy you are in your situation, being stuck in it is better than change, according to ego.




Ego likes to think it’s in control.
But it’s not, we never are.
We need to embrace the uncertainty.
There is wisdom in the unknown.

Integrate what you’ve learnt.
Embody your worth, your confidence, your power. Live from your soul.

If you're going through an ego shit storm, resistance and generally feeling shit, I know it can be hard but it's a good sign and it means something positive is on the other side. Your next level. More alignment. Deeper connection to soul. I could say a new you, but that would be a lie. That you you're becoming has always been there. You're just letting the bullshit go so you can find her again.

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