There’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself

there's nothing worse than rejecting yourself

There’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself 


I will not adjust


Dial down 




Any part of who I am to fit into the world because I’m scared of not being liked 


Yes I know we’re wired for approval


But at the cost of going against myself?


Backing myself




I’d rather be hated for who I am than who I’m not


If this is you 


If you’re toning down to fit in


Hiding who you really are and what you have to say 


Or you have no idea who you are any more because you’ve spent so long pretending to be someone else 


Or are more concerned with how you’re seen than being the real you 


Good luck with creating a life of purpose and flow impacting millions and making millions which is your DESTINY 


This is self hate to me


Not living in integrity with who you really are 


Forget the bs you’ve been told about self love 


Some of those who preach it don’t have the balls to show up as themselves 


They’d rather conform 


Self love is honouring you, the real you, all of you, your dreams 


Anything else is living a lie 


Yes you will have that fear of rejection


But there’s nothing worse than rejecting yourself




Where are you saying no when you should be saying yes?


Where are you saying yes when you should be saying no?


What excuses are you using that are causing you to ignore your destiny, your calling and rejecting yourself?


Big love,

Terri x

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