I know where you are and how it feels because I felt the same as you

You want more time with yourself and your loved ones. Freedom to live your life you way. You want to feel more in control of your life and stop drifting. You ready to bust through all that's holding you back. You want to put yourself first and stop living a lie. To stop worrying about what other people will say when you go against what's 'normal'  so you can do what's in your heart and soul and make the impact you're here to make in your powerful soul purpose




I became a coach because no-one should live a life unhappy like I was stuck in their head, not living their purpose, not being the powerhouse they are


You're here to live life to your full potential. Those dreams you have to help people, to make the world a better place? They're meant for you. We get one chance at this crazy thing called life. We're not here to care so much about what other people think so it stops us from doing what we know deep down we're here to do


I do what I do not just for you, me and the world, but for my daughter too. I want to teach her that living her life her way is the most empowering thing she will ever do.


Life is happening now and you're you ready to start living yours the way it's meant to be lived


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Terri Kearns Coach

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