Thoughts That Don’t Feel Good

thoughts that don't feel good

You don’t have to identify with any thought about yourself that don’t feel good


It don’t matter how true or real they feel. Don’t feed them. Don’t buy into them. You’ll end up in a negative spiral. Be an observer. Observe the thoughts. They will pass. Sit with the feelings. They too will pass


Every thought is an opportunity to see things a different way, to learn, to grow, to return to love. That is our natural state. That is giving love to yourself. When you give it to yourself, it’s easier to give it to others


This isn’t about positive thoughts only. That’s pointless if there are low vibe energies underneath the thoughts. This isn’t denying our feelings, it’s transcending them


This is about aligning with the pure loving energy that we are. When we do that miracles happen


Try it. And when you feel the thoughts and feelings pass


Remind yourself to be here now

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