Don’t go into 2020 stuck, drifting, not knowing where you’re going, knowing that where you are now is where you’re going to end up if you keep ignoring that strong desire for change

LONDON DECEMBER 28, 2017: Apple Market in Covent Garden decorated for Christmas. The Market is popular with tourists and a great place to find souvenirs, jewellery, artworks and collectables

If you have ideas, a vision, a message, are ready to be seen and heard, to share your voice to make positive change, to play bigger whatever that looks like to you, but your foundations are shaky with doubt and fear, you don't know where to start, this is for you

You have a strong desire for change

Something within you is awakening

It might not feel like it, to you it feels like a crisis 

But it’s not a breakdown, it’s a breakthrough, your wake up call

You feel trapped. You want to run away from everything

Life is passing you by

You’re everything to everyone and you’ve lost yourself 

The weight of responsibility is dragging you down

You're successful, have got all the boxes ticked but you're feeling dissatisfied

You feel stuck in your business or your career because you deep down know it’s not what you’re meant to be doing and you know it needs to change

You're at a point in your life where you realise you’ve spent most of it taking care of everyone else but neglecting yourself 

You feel anxious, miserable, resentful

There’s a nagging feeling that something’s missing

You’re wondering if the time you have left is less than the time you’ve been here living this thing called life

This is your midlife crisis


Your midlife awakening 

Your turning point

You know things HAVE to change but where do you start? 

You can choose to not take the turning point and stay on the path you’re on where everything stays the same and you’re more worried than excited about the future 

Can you see yourself where you are in a year, 5 years time? If you do nothing, nothing will change. You can carry on pretending everything's fine, but you'll end up in this place again and it's going to be even more intense

I've been where you are. I lost my sense of self, my purpose. If you're ready to get off this path, I can help you

This is raw, intense, uncomfortable work which is why you’ve been avoiding it. Fortunately for you, the payoff is HUGE

LONDON DECEMBER 28, 2017: Tourists and Londoners enjoy sunny day in Covent Garden, one of the most popular  shopping and tourist sites in London known for its restaurants, shops and live entertainment


My gift, my passion, my job is to help you catapult into a new version of you

A better relationship with yourself which means better relationships with your loved ones

Get to the root of what's holding you back, essential for deep transformation

Know who you are at a deep level and be that without fear of judgement and criticism from other people holding you back

Be bold and confident in your message so you can get it out there into the world for your people who need to hear it  

Get clear on what’s working, what’s not and the decisions and choices you need to make

Start taking steps towards the outcomes you want 

Clarity of purpose

Breakthroughs and shifts so you can start taking steps to move out of the rut you’re in  

Own your brilliance

Know that you ARE enough to do what you want to do 


All day 1 to 1 with me (10.30am-4pm or until we get it done!) 

Covent Garden venue

Lunch & drinks to keep you going all day 

A 60/90 minute shopping or spa break with a treatment of your choice

A gift from me to you in the post to bring with you on the day 

Zoom call a week before with prework. This in itself is transformational and will create a shift 

Zoom call two weeks after 

30 days follow up voice and message access to me with guaranteed response within 24 hours 

If you know me you know I’m no bullshit. I can’t put a price on this and what you’ll get from it but I have to 

Your investment for this life changing day is £1500

This offer runs until 1st November only. Limited spaces available

Be part of a global network of men and women using their voice to make positive change in the world

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