1 - 1 coaching with high impact and low cost for busy women

You know what your purpose is but fear and doubt stop you every time you think about taking that first step

You might be wondering what that first step is!

Well, this is it

You'll have me focusing on YOU guiding you to see yourself as you really are so you can get where you're meant to be

This is for you if you're not ready to commit to long term coaching right now

BUT you KNOW you need support because you're ready to activate your magic, your power, your light

To elevate your state of being so you can activate soul and live your purpose

You have a purpose, a vision that lights you up. You're here transform lives and the world


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How does it work?

  • I will be available to talk to you on Voxer between 11-5pm UK time. If you're not in the UK let me know and we'll work it out together


  • Voxer is a free text and call walkie talkie app you can easily download it to your mobile device or laptop. All you need to do is create an account and we'll add each other on the app. It takes just a few minutes to get set up, I'll send you instructions on downloading the app, creating your profile and adding me to Voxer once your call is booked


  • You can message me in advance with what's going on for you right now so we can dive straight in on the day


  • The day will run at a relaxed pace. This isn't a non stop coaching session. You don't have to be glued to your phone for the whole duration, there is no need for you to respond to me straight away you can take your time. We understand that we won't always be able to reply straight away, sometimes we will, sometimes there will be short gaps with other things we have going on. This enables you to carry on with your day as you normally would


  • You get to choose the date. You don't need to clear out a whole day in your calendar. You can easily carry on with your other commitments and listen to our messages during our big block of time together


  • The messages are yours to keep forever. You can listen to them in those moments when you need a reminder of how powerful you and your gifts are


  • The other good thing about a day of Voxer is that you have space and time in between our messages to reflect, process and  journal on anything that's come up for you during our time together


  • You are free to reschedule if you need to, please give me 24 hours notice


I cannot wait for you to see yourself as you really are, as I see you, the magical soul you're here to be


You get all this for just £444

If you have any questions before you apply feel free to message me:


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Terri Kearns Coach

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