What’s Normal Anyway?

become the person who knows they can

We have a serious problem in society

No not that one 

People are pissed off. Their 9-5 has turned into an 8-7

They’re tired. They don’t have enough time for themselves or their loved ones. They’re wishing their lives away. They’re stuck in jobs that are making them unhappy 

They’ve been lied to. This lie has created fear 

Imagine if we lived in a world where the opposite was true? 

Where running your own purpose led business helping others, working your own hours, unlimited earning potential was the norm

Not going out to work every day in a job that’s no longer secure 

Not being one decision away, having what you thought you could rely on taken away from you at any moment 

Not having your time in the day dictated to you by someone else 

Not having to kiss someone’s smelly bum to get where you want to go in your career 

Unlimited earning potential 

If this was the norm there wouldn’t be so much fear around it 

Fear of judgement is a big one. Too many people think other people’s opinions are more important than their own 

So they stay stuck. The thing is they’re not stuck. Their thinking is stuck 

And you can get unstuck  

Your doubts and fears don’t have power over you unless you let them win. You have everything it takes to be the person who can overcome them 

That’s the beautiful thing. It’s not just about what you get out of walking your own path, it’s who you become 

Making the shift from someone who thought they can’t to becoming the person who knows they can 

This might not seem like a serious problem to you compared to what's going on in the world right now. I'm not just talking about 'rona.

When we overcome our fears and see ourselves as the limitless beings we are, we can all contribute to the problems we face in this world, helping those who need our help the most, who have less than we do, making the world a better place for all 

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