When the outcome is a given of you being you!

when the outcome is a given

When the outcome is a given, you know it’s done you don’t worry about what to do, you don’t doubt and fear because the outcome is a fucking given of you being you!!!


I really hope you get this because I don’t how much clearer I can make it


When you shut ALL the noise out internally and externally


You telling you how you should be. Other people telling you how you should be


The shit you don’t need


When you live in faith, trust, courage and KNOWING


And you care more about the people you’re here to serve instead of whatever you think is holding you back and any loss or lack you think you’re going to suffer by going all in on you because you KNOW it’s done


You’re in full alignment


You’re living from soul


Not stuck in your head. Pushing. Forcing. Struggling


Soul don’t know doubt and fear. Soul don’t know lack. So bin all that shit and you will find yourself in alignment being you and YOU CANNOT FUCKING FAIL AT BEING YOU


Anything else is wrong. A glitch in the program. A fault in the system


The interwebs? Full of fake people


They all sound the fucking same




Do you get it yet?




So go fucking be it and get your arse out of average because average you definitely ain’t


Big love,

Terri x

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