Who Are You?

the peace calm and love within you

Who are you without your stories created from past experiences? 

Your feelings of inadequacy? 

Who are you without the weight of your experiences dragging you down and holding you back? 

You know you can’t move forward without it right? 

Well you could, but it would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to 

If you’re ready for remembrance this is for you 

If you’re ready to stop being scared of your potential this is for you 

If you’re ready to see your light and be it 

To discover the truth

Know that you always have a choice not to believe the thoughts in your mind 

If you think there should be more to life than this, you’re right 

Crack your heart open just a little to yourself to the truth of who you are 

Connect to the source and love within you 

Your past experiences got you here

Staying stuck in your head got you here 

Your interpretations and perceptions 

Deep down you know you have this power 

You know there’s more to you than the thoughts you have about yourself. The judging and criticising

But you got caught up in how you’re supposed to live your life

You’re stuck in day to day life and have put your dreams on hold. To one side. Maybe discounted them completely. Ignored them. Pretended they’re not there. They’re just a fantasy

Your stories are not who you are. It don’t matter how real they feel 

You’re already everything you need. Put your fear and doubt about what I’m saying aside and trust me on this. You are not inadequate. You are not unworthy or undeserving. You can choose to believe this or not 

You’re here on purpose with a purpose to make the world a better place. To use your experiences to help others going through the same. To be of service with love 

Spend one day, half a day, an hour, 30 minutes even, letting go off your judgements and criticisms about yourself. I know it’s not easy. Your mind will fight it with its years of conditioning. But I promise you, you can do this 

When you do it you connect to your heart. The peace, calm and love within you

That’s who you really are 

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