Why Should You Create The Business That’s In Your Heart And Soul?

we cannot fight the dark with the dark

Our happiness depends on fulfilling what we came here to do


It’s why so many people struggle because they’re not doing it, and they wonder why they’re not happy


They’re listening to the thoughts in their head instead of the wisdom in their heart. Their divinity. We’re not just human. We’re divinity having a human experience


We can choose to live from our head, our ego self, which keeps us stuck in the illusion that we’re not enough, we’ll never be happy until we have enough, because its job is to keep us stuck in short term happiness and long term suffering. And we will always suffer as long as we keep identifying with our thoughts


But those thoughts are not who we are. They are not the thoughts of the divine. As long as we keep identifying with those thoughts we will always limit ourselves. We will never realise the potential we have, our purpose, the contribution we’re here to make




The wisdom of the heart is more powerful than the intellect of our mind will ever be. It’s infinite, not limited. It only wants what’s best for you. Not to keep you in suffering. For you to live in love, not fear


So you have a choice, keep identifying with those limited thoughts, or not. Keep fighting that war with your mind that you’re never going to win. It’s not set up that way.  We cannot win the war in our mind with the mind. We are mind, body and soul. We have to let our heart and soul be part of the process


That’s where the light is. We can only come out of the darkness when we face the light. We cannot fight the dark with the dark. Let the light in from your heart


Make the short journey from your head to your heart. How we see things is our reality. A change in perspective is the miracle. The shift from ego thinking to spirit thinking is the miracle


Why should you create the business that's in your heart and soul? Why wouldn't you? Are you going to let fear, which isn't real, win? Love is the only thing that's real


Love is a state of being. Be the love that you are



If you want to live from your soul, want to find more moments of peace and live your purpose and potential, click here to see how you can work with me 

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