You don’t need to get into a debate with fear

you don't need to get into a debate with fear

There’s an underlying sadness




Because you know you’re meant for more


And the fact that you’re ignoring it is causing the underlying sadness and anxiety


Do me a favour for just 1 day


Pay attention to your thoughts


To the bs you tell yourself about you 


Things you think aren’t even significant


That’s where you start


And if you’re screaming at me how am I supposed to do that I can’t!! 


Write down what you don’t want


From that will come what you want


And all the reasons why you think you can’t have it 


Those beliefs need to be questioned


Look at what you want and ask yourself what beliefs would support that? 


If you can see it in you, you get to have it 




You don’t need to get into a debate with fear


It lies 100% of the time 


Trust yourself and know that what you’re being shown is meant for you


This is how you remember the truth of who you are 


By realising what’s not true and letting go of those lies you’ve been telling yourself that you think are keeping you safe ❤


Big love,

Terri x

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