You let the false story go that you can’t live your life the way you want to live it

you let the false story go

You let the false story go that you can’t live your life the way you want to live it 




Moment by moment 


That you don’t get to be the leader you’re here to be for your people who are waiting for you to step up and hear what you have to say 


Maybe they’ll find someone else 


They’ll have to if you don’t drop the bullshit and keep doing it until you believe the only truth there has ever been about you instead off the bullshit you believe right now as truth


That you’re here to impact others. Help change lives. Create transformation because gawd knows we need it right now 


You want to ignore that? Pretend it ain’t real? 


When not only is it real it’s who you’re here to be and what you’re here to do and to ignore it would make you a sad lil person like the rest who pretend everything’s fine stressed out to fuck getting somewhere they don’t want to go


Maybe everything is fine. On the outside it certainly looks that way. But on the inside you’re crying out for more you KNOW there’s more and it certainly isn’t ok because how can it be when you’re pretending to be who you’re not? 


Feel safe does it? 


Feel good? 


No it doesn’t 


Because it isn’t 


And it never will 


I say this lovingly to kick your arse because we both know you need it 




Come alive


Or stay dead inside


And be blown away by the magic of you just being YOU 


Your energy that’s magnetising, soul shifting for the people who are waiting for you to step the fuck up and show them who you really are 


You’ll turn yourself on with your own high vibe kick assery others can’t not be turned on by it too 


Keep dropping the story


That’s it’s not safe to be ALL of you 


And carry on being a slave to your circumstances and the bullshit in your head 


Or remind yourself of what the you you’re here to be would say if she just owned her power and let it the fuck out. Journal on that 


Big love,

Terri x


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