You’ll be in shock, amazed, in awe at the magnificence of you!

you'll be amazed

It’ll make you cum in your pants! 


I’m deadly serious 


The high vibe kick assery you who owns the fuck out of who you are in every moment with your high level being that’s magnetic to everything you feel within you is REAL 


And you get to be it, do it and have it 


So how do you get to be the person? 


I talk about this a lot


And that’s the wrong question


You already are that person


You need to align with that person 


Disconnect from who you THINK you are


Reconnect to who you ACTUALLY are 


Is how you align


What this means in the physical? 


You become the observer


You already are the observer


You are not your thoughts 


You think them


But you are not them


And when you realise this you are aware of the disconnect so you can observe and shift the fuck out that shit and align to your high vibe kick assery orgasmic superflow REAL self 


You know and understand that how you feel is a guide showing you that when you feel like shit because you’re shitting on yourself, that is your cue to bring it back to your REAL kick ass like a mofo self and get into your superflow state


Yes you will feel shit sometimes


Yes you will allow it and allow yourself to feel it because when you do it dissolves all by itself but you do not stay there forever and ever amen 


The sooner you shift energetically internally the sooner your world shifts around you 


Because everything is responding to your energy 


The sooner you get this and KNOW this on a deep level the better you will feel because you are no longer stuck in your why the fuck is this happening to me bullshit and you will take responsibility for how you treat and see yourself because that is the most EMPOWERING thing you will ever do 


The quicker you will get yourself on the way to where you want to be where you were always MEANT to be that is your BIRTHRIGHT and off from what was never meant for you in the first place 


I had a dream a few years ago that I'll never forget. It was weird as fuck. I Googled the meaning of it and I've Googled some weird shit but this was next level weird. I'll post about it another time


What it came down to was a fear of dying without letting out what's in me, my purpose. I know I've had this since I was a kid and I knew I'd regret it if I never started this work

So how do we do it?



This is about you being the next level you NOW because we always work from NOT towards. It WORKS


  • Remember who the fuck you were before the world and life thew it’s shit at you. Journal on this. Who were you? What did you think you had the right to receive, expect and be? Write this in a stream of consciousness aka without thinking. Write down anything that comes up in any area of your life. Use what comes up when you’re shitting on yourself DAILY EVERY DAY IN THE MOMENT. These are the thoughts that reflect the truth of your being and will elevate and expand you 


  • You TRUST and KNOW that everything above is the ONLY truth there is. Any doubt, any fear, any worry that you don’t get to be, do and have everything that was meant for you is a LIE 100% of the time. And so you keep letting that shit go with the TRUTH 


  • I don’t believe we can control every thought that comes into our head. But we can sure as fuck not buy into them, not believe them, and know that we have the choice in every moment to think higher like the elite powerful as fuck beings we are 


  • Every time you think a thought that makes you feel like shit, puts you down, is NOT aligned with your higher self, is not the REAL you. So you replace it with a higher thought, a thought that reflects the bad ass cum in your pants I’m a powerful as fuck mofo being and I get to CHOOSE in every moment to tell fear, doubt, worry and anything else that is not aligned with my true being to fuck off 


  • Connect to your heart and stay there. As much as you can. Do it now. Focus on that space. Feel it. Be in tune with it. You will know when you are shit talking yourself because you will feel it in that place. So many of us have our hearts closed because we’ve been hurt, we think the world is a bad place, we think life is against us. ALL LIES. Open your heart to YOU


  • Regarding the last point above. You will do this work even when you don't feel like it. You either go with the victim role believing your bullshit and validating your self worth stories which is who I was and what I did for most of my life or you step into power mode trusting in who you are at your core. It's ALWAYS a choice in the role you want to play. Remember, my biggest fear was not living my purpose not doing this work that I've always known I'm here to do. Do you have that fear?


Be disciplined in not wallowing. ask yourself:




You can’t get through life, to where you’re here to go and who you’re here to be hating on yourself. Fuck the namby pamby bullshit you’ve been told about self love. If you’re not honouring your soul, your very being, the powerful, crazy you you are and who you’re here to be and what you’re here to do, it’s not self love 


This is a daily all day moment by moment thing. Practice being the REAL you until you ARE the real you. You want this or not? You want what you say you want? You want a life of purpose impacting a shit ton of people while making money doing it? 


You want to live your life day to day not worrying about getting somewhere you don’t want to go? Stressed by it all, not enough time, and spend all day sitting around in your pj’s all day if that’s what you want, no more mum/dad guilt, on the way to creating everything inside you that is REAL and making money while doing it or not? 


In case you’re wondering, I have never done a client call in my pj’s but I could if I wanted to and the people who would mind are not my clients 


You will do this all day. Every day. You will experience superflow. The voice of your soul will be louder than the bs in your head. And the world will shift. It will respond to you because it can’t NOT


When you energetically align internally to the truth of who you are, watch as your life shifts, the world shifts and be amazed by the synchronicities, the magic that was there all along


It was just waiting for you to step the fuck up and claim it 


Your life is YOURS to create. There is nothing inside of you or outside of you stopping you. You’re just creating what you don’t want 


The ONLY truth is your power, soul and high vibe kick assery in the purpose and impact that is already yours to create 


Oh. One last thing. Most people won’t do this. They’ll carry on moaning about their lives. Don’t be one of them


Big love,


Terri x 

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