You’re fucked off with being fucked off

you're fucked off

You’re fucked off with being fucked off


Which is why I KNOW you’re going to commit to this like you’ve never committed before


This is you committing to YOU


Your life


Your outcomes


Or you can carry on not giving a shit and be on your merry way


Or not so merry because that to me sounds sadder than my dog when it’s shower time


He really don’t like showers!


It’s so EASY to slip into the bullshit of being a victim to our circumstances thinking we’re powerless when we’re NOT


So if you’re still here and you’re done with being flaky as fuck with your life


Take this in. Feel it. Soak it up


The longer you stay in poor me I can’t change nothing will change and carry on believing that shit the longer you will stay there and nothing will change


You want to carry on believing you’re powerless?




I can’t help you


And I won’t try


If you know on some level that the thoughts you’ve got on repeat are keeping you stuck and that you know you can change but you tried it for 2 weeks and it didn’t work for you so 🤷‍♀


You’re more committed to your fucking drama than your power!


BUT if you know this is what works. And you will keep doing it until it works because IT CAN’T NOT


You WILL see changes


So carry on with that good shit


And detach from the drama that you KNOW don’t define you

Big love,

Terri x

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