You were born to change lives with your healing power, lead your movement and impact millions

You’re ready for unshakable confidence that gets shit done

You’re ready to be the woman you know you are who you are fighting a can I really be her war with and you’re ready to let her WIN because yes you are ready to be her now 

You’re ready to change how you see yourself and be the woman who does what you are shown you are here to do where people be like omfg what is she on I want some!!

You’re ready to be the embodiment of your soul and stop putting off your plans for world domination in your destiny and CREATE them 

You have a powerful voice and you’re ready to use it

A soul shaking message and you’re ready to share it 

It’s going to change your life, the lives of women who need you and the world

You’re done with waiting

It’s time

I'm on a mission to help women remember who they are so they can help women remember who they are and together women and girls all over the world will know they are worthy

mirror ig

This is what we do

You heal as you go
Heal as you grow
You don’t wait until some magical moment when you can say oh I’m ready now!
Not gonna happen
You’ll be dead by then
You're doing the whole get out here and change you and your life and the lives of women who need you by telling them and showing them how your powerful yes you really did go through that and live to tell the tale damn woman look at you story helps them NOW

Abuse didn't stop me. It won't stop you

terri kearns speaker - Copy

Terri Kearns Coach

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