You ready to turn your pain into purpose, activate your power, lead your movement and impact millions

You have to have big dreams of raising the consciousness of humanity if you want to work with me

We’re doing the most important work of remembrance and remembering who you are and pulling that out of you which is the work you are also here to do

You’re going to create a big powerful life with this work

You have a big heart and with the financial abundance you create not only are you going to give yourself and your family everything you ever wanted you’re going to use that abundance for causes that matter to you

Big hearted women creating big hearted change

Those are my women

This is the criteria

Me and you we’re the same

I'm on a mission to help women remember who they are so they can help women remember who they are and together women and girls all over the world will know they are worthy

mirror ig

This is what we do

You're in the energy of the woman who is there NOW because you do not get there by working towards her
You ARE her
And the rest just falls away
terri kearns speaker - Copy

Terri Kearns Coach

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